Using Billboards to Build Brand Awareness

Billboard advertising is still one of the most effective ways to reach a large segment of the population. One of the challenges that businesses have is spending money to use billboards owned by other organizations so instead of being held hostage to these billboard owners, what businesses can do is invest in their own billboard and limiting the costs of advertising. There have been significant advancements made in technology including the use of billboard LED lights.

Developing a Branding Strategy

There is no denying the benefits of owning your own billboard to reach the masses. What you need to develop is a branding strategy that will make your organization stand out from all of the competitors. What is it about your business that makes it better to the competition, is it pricing? Is it quality? You will need to think about this in detail and conduct research to determine what consumers think about your business.

When you have figured out what is the durable competitive advantage of your company, you will be able to start leveraging the power of the billboard advertising.

Selecting the Right Billboard

We touched on how billboards are now more energy efficient and dynamic, you will need to look over the various types and options that are available to determine which ones are going to best suit your specific business needs.  A common question is how large should the billboard be? There are many variables to consider before you can actually make a decision on which type or size of billboard to invest in with the biggest variable being the area you plan on having it installed.

While online marketing is very popular and effective, if you are trying to establish yourself as a dominant brand you have to start incorporating billboards into your advertising plan.